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      I was wondering if you’ve had a chance to check on the printing prices with the new printer company you mentioned at our last PR meeting. It is getting close to the time when we need to send the file to a printer so we have schedules for June ASC.
      I know this is a big decision and maybe we already have the best price considering that they fold the schedules. Perhaps we need guidance from the ASC on how to proceed. The area just told us to print quarterly but if we don’t change printers the money spent will not change since the printer seems to have said that she has given us her best price.
      Perhaps the way to proceed is to get prices from 2 other printers plus the one we use and compare them to each other and let the ASC determine how to proceed.
      If you can send me an invoice from our current printer, i can contact the RSO and get a price from them.
      My personal opinion is that the Area has a 7th tradition problem. Many of our members continue to choose not to put money in the basket and until this problem is addressed the Area will continue to struggle financially.

      John B

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      Just some more ideas…..

      + see if it would be any cheaper if the schedules were not folded.
      + would it be cheaper if we used 8×11 size paper rather that 8×14

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      You didn’t get the emails from the website because the email default setting was set wrong. I have fixed it and everything should be good to go.

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