Dangers of E-Cigs in NA Meetings and Events


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      Sean Connolly

      I would like to start a discussion on the dangers of allowing attendees to smoke what are called E-Cigs and the dangers of inhaling the chemicals contain in them and even more so the dangerous, even cancerous second hand chemical emissions that “non-vapors” are being exposed to against their will or even without their consent or knowledge. I have attached a link to an article recently published by the American Lung Association, please read it and educate yourself, your friends, and your homegroups as to the dangers of allowing addicts or anyone else from exposing others, our children,and your babies in our meetings or any inside NA sponsored gathering.Please check out the link, it would be nice to get some discussion going at our homegroups and possibly the ASC next. ILS, sean c.


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      Kasey Ruiz

      Thanks for starting this discussion Sean. I can only speak for my home group (Bakers Dozen), but we have addressed this issue recently at our business meeting and we voted almost unanimously to change our format and reflect that vaping is no longer allowed in our meetings. The local clubhouse where several of our area meetings meet also put up a sign stating to this fact as well. On a personal level, I would love to see this implemented at the convention, as I can’t help but be reminded of last year’s main speaker meeting and the cloud of vapor that was evident above the attendees from all the vaping 🙁

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      This is a new hotel and i wonder if they have a policy regarding vaping and E-Cigs? I wonder if the Committee is aware of the hotel policy? These questions should probably be addressed before the start of the convention…

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